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BIGBANG #MYAliveTour in M'sia ^^
Thursday, November 01, 2012

Annyeong Haseyo and Hello guys :D
27/10/2012 merupakan hari bermakna bagi VIPs sekalian aite?
and aku sebagai VIP pun happy sebab BIGBANG dtg Malaysia! tapi tapi tapi.....
ade kesedihan dlm kegembiraan *aiceh, ayat kau Ct -,-*  aku tak dpt pegi pun konsert tu.
*cedih kite* tapi takpe, redha jea laa kan. So, jom tgok gambar time #MYAliveTour tu ;)

For more photos, click HERE.

And this is the video :) 
BIGBANG #MYAliveTour in Malaysia.


-Big Bang's last speech during their Alive Concert in Malaysia last week.-

GD: “Todays show is incredible! Malaysia’s the best! We will never forget tonight!”

TOP: “You’re an amazing crowd. I’ll remember all your faces and I promise we will meet again!”

Taeyang: “We had a fantastic time, I love you Malaysia!”

Seungri: “I love this place. You guys are the best crowd ever! I know you’ll still be here through the rain. I love you Malaysia!”

Daesung: “Thank you for supporting us. I will do my best for you guys. We love you Malaysia! Malaysia bagus!”


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